Monday, 24 May 2010

final posters for speaking for experience

for my final posers i experimented with screen printing on somerset paper which i was more than happy with so chose 3 designs i felt worked better than others. The ident was placed on these designs til after the photos were taken but that also works as a hand rendered design.

Friday, 14 May 2010

1st draft of poster format for hand drawn type

These were my first posters and experiments with the digitalised version of my type designs.
I chose my several design from the flashcards and applied them to the poster format.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Speaking from experience - Initial Visuals of chosen idea

"speaking from experience" chosen quotes from questionnaires

1. “I took too long to make decisions - I learnt to be decisive and not to dwell on things for too long”

2. “My Mistake was designing stuff which looks good but has no purpose - this is not Graphic Design and I shouldn’t do it”

3. “Not doing work as and when it came. It built up, and I never had enough time to catch up. So I learnt to manage my time.”

4. “I didn’t take enough notes during workshops so I forgot how to do things.”

5. “Getting addicted to the sandwiches at college which I cant afford”

6. “Didn’t pay enough attention to my final product”

7. “Not doing enough primary research, this is essential in design work so I do as much as I can now”

8. “I didn’t read briefs thoroughly enough, which lead to me getting it wrong”

9. “Made design boards look like pub menu’s, I now take time to make them relevant to my project”

10. “I used to always sleep and waste my “days off” so no work was done. I’ve since learnt to allocate a few hours doing work outside uni.”

11. “I fell behind on my blog so now stick to doing it everyday”

12. “Not documenting work or listening to advice, I now do and my work has benefited hugely”

13. “Missing a briefing and a seminar on a Monday, I missed out on key information and found it hard to catch up.”

14. “I did 85 images when they asked for 100, I couldn’t take part in the workshop so fell behind.”

15. “I never used to be decisive with my work so wasted too much time.”

16. “Spending too much on expensive prints, the more expensive the print doesn’t mean a higher mark.”

17. “Didn’t do well at making a typeface in my second project, since then I’ve learned more about type.”

18. “I used to leave things to the last minute so couldn’t finish the resolution to a professional standard."

19. “Leaving it till the last minute to book a print slot, I’m now more organised and book in advance”

20. “didn’t experiment with colour so ended up using crazy colour combinations that didn’t work”

21. “I printed non-spelled checked designs so looked unprofessional”

22. “I used to Answer back to Amber, she’s quick witted and tore me to pieces”

23. “I continually lossed my digital based work so I learnt to back up my work”

24. “Spending too much on printing then getting told to start again at a crit”

25. “planning to catch up on work at a later date – always so hard to actually do because of other current work”

26. “didn’t do much design context for OUGD102 and it made my grade lower”

27. “left essay really late and had o rush it in a couple of days and earned a lower mark”

28. ”when we had to make an alphabet that represented another person from the class I made it to what it liked rather than what he did. I learnt to try and listen and understand what was being asked of me"

29. “Going to sleep after 4am – I learnt that if you go to bed at this time, you wont be in at 9.30am.”

30. “Having books out from the library for too long which resulted in paying fines”

31. “Thinking I can do too much, over stretching myself”

32. “Doing all nighters to get my work done – started doing it through the day instead of napping”

33.”Waiting for it to happen? When searching for beginnings of ppd”

34. “Leaving printing work till the day of my crit, I make sure to print work with time to spare”

35. “Not blogging enough at the start of the year – learnt that it’s a pretty big part of the course”

Out of the 35 ive chosen i will illustrate these typographically and then choose 25 to form a series of flashcards, a book and several screen printed posters